Purple Prose Moments~ What it means to me…

I believe it’s important for us to know the writer behind the words we read. You may be wondering why I chose the name Purple Prose Moments for my blog. Here’s my story. I’m a pastry artist by day, a blogger by night, a writer always. I’m a mother of two, and a Christ follower. I wanted to bring all my passions together and create a title that would capture them all. Purple Prose by definition in the literary world, means exaggerated, flamboyant, eccentric, ornateness, a hyperbole style of writing. I love to live life in an exaggerated manner. I see every day as an opportunity to do all things with a meaningful purpose, passion and flair. Follow me as I chase dreams, travel, write, stack tiered cakes, and share simple everyday moments.


Sometimes the shoreline is your outfit…

I’m a beach dweller. I spend as much time as I can on America’s shorelines. I love a warm quiet evening sitting lakeside in Branson, Missouri and for several years I had the pleasure of living just blocks from the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan in Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But, my forever favorite place to be, is Ft. Lauderdale Beach in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It is where my heart resides and my soul comes alive.
On a recent trip to my personal nirvana, I found myself more enamored than ever before. I closed my eyes and felt the tide roll in. I breathed in the salty air. I heard the waves up close and faintly heard the sound of people talking, playing, and creating memories in the distance. My soul was at perfect peace. Suddenly, I was filled with the realization that today’s outfit had nothing to do with that favorite swimsuit that clung to my wet skin.
I sat quietly, toes in sand and felt the rush of the tide roll over my feet, I felt the sun kissing my face, I felt the salt on my skin. The warm breeze whipped my hair which no doubt had a bit of sand as a telltale sign of an afternoon spent lying on the beach.
As I packed my bag to leave at the end of a perfect day, I realized I had been clothed in God’s natural beauty. The water that rushed over my feet, the salt that clung to my skin, the sun that kissed my face and even that sand in my hair all together were my outfit of the day. I was clothed in God’s perfect beauty.